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Fee Structure

It’s important that your financial planner is someone you can trust. At August Financial Consulting, we don’t nickel and dime. Instead, we offer transparent and flexible fee structures to fit your needs.

Focused on Getting to Know You & Your Goals First

Before we ever request payment from you, we have a conversation about your needs, your current financial outlook and your financial goals. We’ll also discuss how we can help you and the fees associated with our services. With us, you’ll never have to wonder what a fee or charge is for—we explain it all from the start.

When it comes to the cost element of the business, it’s important to us that we have a solid understanding of your goals and the task at hand. We also want the fee structure to work for you and for us. There are two avenues to consider: Fee-based or transactional.

The fee structure that’s right for you will depend on the suite of financial planning and management services you need to reach your goals. Before we begin our work, we’ll discuss your options to help you decide which fee structure makes the most sense for you.

Schedule Your Planning Review

How can August Financial Consulting help you reach your future financial goals? Allow us to see how we can support you with a financial planning review. Reach out to our team today by calling 952-767-2073 or fill out the form here.

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