August Insights

August Edge

As mentioned previously, one of the keys to success in business is continually looking for ways to improve.  August Edge is the result of that mind-set.  There are a lot of different flavors of financial planning.  Many, even “comprehensive” financial plans do not include a serious look at Social Security, Medicare “Gap” coverage and transitional housing issues for example.  August Edge is set up to focus on just those types of topics.

  • Social Security – should I start drawing my income? Wait? File and suspend?
  • Medicare Gap plans – which plan is best for me and MY situation?
  • Bill pay – bills and other mail continues to pile up, it is hard to keep up.  I don’t even like the process of paying the bills…
  • I want to stay in my home but it is getting hard and harder to do – what can I do?
  • I may need in-home healthcare soon.  Where do I turn?

These and other things that pop up during retirement can make an otherwise good day have a few bumps.  The concept of August Edge is that we listen, create a plan, present service providers, then create a follow up process and timeline to make sure that things are being addressed.  Take a look!  See what you think.