August Insights

New August Financial Consulting Website!

Taking the web design to the next level the key objective is for the sites to be functional – a place you go for value.  While most of the site changes are pretty obvious, let me point out a couple of things you may find useful –

  • The main page is set up so you can easily learn about August Financial Consulting or easily reach other “resource” pages.
  • If you already know about August Financial Consulting, you may simply choose to target client on-line account log-in (top right), or take a quick look at the blog posting.
  • For more resource specific information – see the “Tax Center” drop down for key tax planning information, common IRS forms and a link to the IRS web-site.  In the “Learning Center” you might like a quick link to the Social Security web-site.
  • The “Market Watch” page is designed to be a “one-stop” resource that you may be able to utilize as part of your everyday routine –
  • Client On-Line Account Log-In
  • Vault Data Sheet
  • Financial Plan Log-In
  • Market update headlines – plus links to financial oriented web-sites such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Google and Yahoo Finance and MSN Money.

You’ll also notice the “Let’s Talk” and “Contact Us” tabs throughout the web-site.  Whether you are an existing client wishing to ask a question or provide feedback or a prospective client please do not hesitate to send me a note.
Finally, you’ll notice the “August Edge” Tab on the main page – click on this to explore additional services available to simplify transition through retirement.