August Insights


Hopefully you’ll like the new look of the August Financial Consulting web-site AND the introduction of the August Edge website.

One of the elements added is a blog.  In the blog world, I am certainly a rookie.  That said, if I do it right – you should be able to maybe learn something, be entertained, stirred to action or perhaps simply gain a few insights of what I am seeing in the global economy and global investing and financial planning.  In today’s world of “always on” communication and news feeds in addition to print magazines and newspapers, one of the challenges is simply sorting through the data.  Information is often presented as “BREAKING NEWS” when you might view it as such – or not.  Also, interviews with highly educated and experienced experts often provide supported, divergent opinions regarding what is next for the global economy and investment markets.  Ultimately, what matters is how does this global activity affect YOU?

Day to day, next to health, financial matters are often near the top of everyone’s list of consideration.  Warren Buffett has commented many times with regard to his investment in Coke that key is “share of mind” – i.e., people are much more likely to go out and buy Coca Cola if the images and previous sensory experiences allow it to occupy a “larger” part of their conscious thought.  For many people their personal finances occupy a large “share of mind.”  For this reason, in the process of developing Blog posts over time the focus will typically, but not always be financial related.  Every now and then I may feel the need to post something for humor – a grin is good, a laugh is like good medicine!

Some of the topics to be touched on will include:  Social Networks, Financial planning and planning rules of thumb, product and strategy commentary related to life insurance, annuities, covered-call writing, Social Security, Medicare.  Often, I’ll comment to relevant “breaking news” or maybe provide a comment of what you can look and listen for in the news that might affect your investment portfolio or strategy.

For my business, the web-site and for sure this blog, to make it work it needs to always be in an environment of continual improvement.  Whether you are an existing client or future client – I want your feedback.  What do you like? Dislike? Agree or disagree.  What are the topics of most interest to you?