August Insights

August Edge

As mentioned previously, one of the keys to success in business is continually looking for ways to improve.  August Edge is the result of that mind-set.  There are a lot of different flavors of financial planning.  Many, even “comprehensive” financial plans do not include a serious look at Social Security, Medicare “Gap” coverage and transitional   [read more...]

New August Financial Consulting Website!

Taking the web design to the next level the key objective is for the sites to be functional – a place you go for value.  While most of the site changes are pretty obvious, let me point out a couple of things you may find useful – The main page is set up so you   [read more...]


Hopefully you’ll like the new look of the August Financial Consulting web-site AND the introduction of the August Edge website. One of the elements added is a blog.  In the blog world, I am certainly a rookie.  That said, if I do it right – you should be able to maybe learn something, be entertained,   [read more...]